V12 620SH

  Number of cylinders 12 - VEE of 60°  
Bore and stroke 110 x 105 mm
Displacement 11974 cc
Compression ratio 8,7:1
Max horsepower (SAE J607) 750 HP at 4800 RPM
Max torque 112 kgm (1099 Nm)
Dry weight (without inverter) 550 kg
Cilynder and head blocks in aluminium, machined-in cylinder liners, guides and valve seats.
Camshaft drive line driven by two quiet-operation chain, pushrods, rocker arms, bucket-type tappets, V-arrangement valves.
Lubrication With gears pump, cooler and oil filter cartridge.
Fuel system mechanical-action fuel pump and twin-barrel carburettors.
12 V electrical system starter motor, alternator and static electronic start.
Cooling with an indirect with heat exchanger, centrifugal pump and self-priming rotary pump for sea water circulation.
Borg-Warner transmission with inverter, Ratios 1:1 - 1,5:1.